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Voted one of the hot new tools from the 2002 Show Circuit by Wood Magazine! Miller Dowel has reintroduced peg construction with distinct advantages over standard dowel construction.

  1. Select the best-sized Miller Dowel and corresponding Miller Dowel Drill Bit for your application. Align and secure the wood pieces to be joined. (You may even choose to glue and set all components in place.) Drill the stepped pilot hole for the dowel.*
  2. Spread a small amount of glue on the ribbed sections of the dowel and insert it so that it drops approximately two-thirds its length. (It will self-center and align with the 2nd board even if you have not preglued or clamped the components.)
  3. Tap the dowel until fully inserted.
  4. Trim/sand any raised portion.

*The depth drilled determines the depth of insertion. This not only allows users to countersink, tap flush, or leave raised, but also gives woodworkers the option to only use a portion of the dowel.

If only 2 ½ sections of the drill bit is used, then only 2 ½ sections of the dowel will be inserted. This technique doubles the versatility of the product because it means that each size Miller Dowel is two sizes in one. It is an ideal feature when depth or thickness is restrictive, or for achieving a decorative effect.

The Miller Dowel is perfect for use in a wide variety of wood joining and fastening applications, such as furniture, decks/docks, stairs and hand railings, cabinets, windows and doors, toys and more! Helps you avoid the problems associated with nails and screws, such as wood rot, metal corrosion and rust, nail pops, and splitting of the grain. Choose from 1x or NEW Mini-X Quick Drill kits, which include stepped drill bit and 50 Birch dowels. Dowels available in three sizes: 1x for boards up to 1" thick and NEW Mini-X for joining 1/2" stock. Drill bits fit 3/8" chuck. Additional packs of 25 dowels also available in birch, oak, cherry and walnut.

Joining wood with wooden fasteners avoids the problems with nails and screws, such as Wood rot, of which even a minor amount compromises joint strength,

1) Metal corrosion and rust
2) Dangerous "Nail Pops" or "Shiners"
3) Splitting of the grain.



Peg Construction traditionally involves the difficult task of driving a pin dowel into a pilot hole that is just as tight at the top as it is at the bottom. Not only do you have to use a hammer from the very beginning, but it only gets tougher the deeper you get!

The MILLER Dowel is inserted 75% by hand because of the relationship of the dowel shape to its pilot hole. You get better holding strength, and it is easier to tap in!

Another advantage of having the dowel inserted so far through the top board is that the pilot hole does not have a chance to misalign. The hole for a traditional dowel must be perfectly matched up so the dowel can enter the second piece of wood without problems.

The MILLER Dowel is already well into the second piece of wood before you even reach for your hammer!
The MILLER Dowel has exceptional holding strength because the shoulder between the widest and second widest sections gets lodged in the top board. This produces a capping effect like the head on a screw or a nail.

This dowel has excellent adhesion as glue remains all along the MILLER Dowel’s length, settling under each shoulder, instead of being forced down to the bottom of the hole or sheared off at the top.

Many woodworkers appreciate the decorative appearance of the pegged or “Shaker” look. Since our dowels can be stained prior to insertion, it simple to enhance the contrast for both light and dark woods.

Why use plugs to cover countersunk screws? Using plugs involves drilling a pilot hole, screwing in a fastener, then gluing and inserting the plug. Why not just skip a step by using a MILLER Dowel? Plus, you won't worry about the plugs falling out and disappearing.

Our fit remains tight. Unlike nails or screws, wooden dowels are naturally flexible and dampen vibration. There is no compression of the surrounding wood, which would loosen the fit.

The original intent for our product was to be a safety fastener. Injuries and damages caused by exposed nail/screw heads are prevented by using MILLER Dowels.

MILLER Dowels introduce a new joinery technique that can be used instead of difficult, expensive, and/or very time consuming methods like blind dowels, biscuits, pocket screws, or mortise and tenon.

There is one timesaving assembly technique that is made possible by MILLER Dowels. A Chicago woodworker developed this as an alternative to the mortise and tenon joinery in his furniture design.

  • In this method, pieces of wood to be joined are simply glued and aligned. Once cured, the glue eliminates the need for a brace.
  • Pilot holes are then drilled, and the dowels can then be inserted for structural support.
  • Not only does this method guarantee perfectly flush joinery, but it takes 25% of the time!

Tech Spec

Manufacturer Part Number B12D11-KIT
Weight (lbs) 0.4000

What's included:

(50) Birch Dowel Pins item #62872, (1) Stepped Drill Bit 3/8'' Shank and 3/16'' at the tip to 3/8'' at the top taper.


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Amazing Strength

Ken Posted July 6, 2014
I purchased the Miller kit to repair some teak chairs I bought a couple years ago that we're starting to wobble. They are a mortise and tenon construction and the glue just gave out. Teak being a softer wood the tenons got a bit compressed resulting in a sloppy fit. I tried at first to fix the chair with pocket hole screws but the soft teak didn't hold a screw very well. I ordered the kit with fears it wouldn't do much but the chairs are more rigid than ever. It did such a great job I am going to use it on the chairs that aren't wobbly as a preventative measure. I would recommend this kit to anyone making or repairing furniture.

When they first appeared on the...

George R from Seattle, WA Posted June 14, 2012
When they first appeared on the market, I decided to try Miller Dowels made of ipea for joining members of a cedar trellis. Exposed to weather year round in Seattle for many years. My trellis has now weathered silvery grey, and there is no sign of deterioration on any of the joints. These things are simply perfect fasteners for joining exterior wood. I read recently of pegged fastenings for ship planking that was made with tapered wood thru plugs, bronze wedged at the interior end, being removed in perfect condition from a commercial whalers hull that was more than 150 years old. Unlike metal fasteners, wood pegs gently move shrink and swell along with and in response to the wood around them. I am pretty sure that my trellis is on its way to a similar record.

I have used all three sizes...

Michael L from Watertown, NY Posted January 4, 2009
I have used all three sizes of the Miller dowels. The system is very easy to use and they look great in all of my projects. I used the 2x dowels in an oak work bench I was building, they added a lot of strength to the joints. I keep a supply of all sizes on hand. This a great system.

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I have been using Rockler for years, your products are always the best that can be purchased and your prices are very reasonable. Ann you have always done your best to make me feel as though I was your very best customer. Thank you for great service."

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What People are Saying:

I have been using Rockler for years, your products are always the best that can be purchased and your prices are very reasonable. Ann you have always done your best to make me feel as though I was your very best customer. Thank you for great service."

- Daniel F.
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