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Glue Guns and Injectors

  1. Glue Bottles, Glue Applicators or Glue Injector-Injectors and Applicators

    Starting at: From $1.99

  2. Workshop Glue Injector, 3-Pack
    Workshop Glue Injector, 3-Pack
    15 Review(s)
    Pinpoint gluing accuracy.
  3. Brass Accessory Nozzle, 1/16" Opening
  4. Brass Replacement Nozzle, 1/32" Opening
  5. 67735 - Dispense Pack, Glue Applicators

    Starting at: From $8.99

  6. Standard Glue Sticks, 24-pk.
  7. Powerful injector fills up easily with any water based glue.
    High Pressure Glue Injector
    13 Review(s)
    Great for crafts and hobbies.
  8. Specifically designed for woodworking
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