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Wood Filler and Grain Filler

  1. Sculpwood Moldable Epoxy Putty
    Sculpwood Moldable Epoxy Putty
    14 Review(s)
    SculpWood is a 2-component, solvent free, kneadable epoxy resin product. It is moldable, carvable, lightweight, strong, and exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

    Starting at: From $16.99

  2. Wunderfil Wood Filler - 8 oz. Assorted Colors
    Wunderfil Wood Filler - 8 oz. Assorted Colors
    25 Review(s)
    Choose from eight wood tones plus white and black. Dual-purpose filler for everything from nail holes to wood grain.

    Versatile Wunderfil™ works great on both finished and unfinished wood. Use full strength for holes or thin with water for filling open grained woods. A water-based, stainable formula makes cleanup a snap!

    Starting at: From $9.99

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