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Wood Filler and Grain Filler

  1. Sculpwood Moldable Epoxy Putty
    Sculpwood Moldable Epoxy Putty
    14 Review(s)
    SculpWood is a 2-component, solvent free, kneadable epoxy resin product. It is moldable, carvable, lightweight, strong, and exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

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  2. RotFix Wood Restoration and Repair
    RotFix Wood Restoration and Repair
    5 Review(s)
    RotFix creates a strong, water-resistant base for repair and restoration of rotted and deteriorated wood. This product is suitable for both interior and exterior use.
  3. SculpWood Paste, 4 oz.
    SculpWood Paste, 4 oz.
    3 Review(s)
    SculpWood Paste is a spreadable, permanent, 100% waterproof paste that is ideal for filling smaller cracks and surface defects in rot-damaged wood and other porous materials.
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