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Arbortech Mini TURBO Woodcarving Blade

Arbortech Mini Turbo Kit

Item #: 59250
Lets you freehand carve, shape and sand a huge variety of projects with the Arbortech Mini Grinder or an ordinary angle grinder using the included extension.
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Mount the Arbortech Mini Turbo blade onto nearly any 4'' or 4-1/2'' angle grinder, or onto the Arbortech Mini-Grinder for fast and furious carving performance. The compact 2'' blade is ideal for reaching into tight spaces. It features two removable, replaceable carbide cutters that can plane surfaces smooth and flat along the face of the disc, or sculpt and shape materials using the edge. The perimeter can even function as a bearing surface when doing template work. Mount the blade to the included 2-1/2'' extension for deep hollowing. The included sanding discs can also be mounted for final shaping and smoothing.


  • Capable of cutting deep internal profiles
  • Leaves a smooth finish that requires minimal sanding
  • Use the blade on its own with the Arbortech Mini-Grinder, or attach the supplied extension adapter for use with 4'' and 4-1/2'' angle grinders
  • Limited side exposure reduces the chance of catching
  • Extend life of carbide teeth by rotating to new sharp edge
  • Outstanding for freehand carving of convex and concave shapes
  • Can be used with guides and templates for repeatability

What's included

(1) Mini-TURBO Blade with 2 Carbide Cutters Pre-Installed
(1) 2-1/2'' Extension
(1) 40-Grit Sanding Disc
(1) 60-Grit Sanding Disc
(1) 80-Grit Sanding Disc
(1) 100-Grit Sanding Disc
(1) Torx Key
(1) Hardware Pack

Technical Details

  • Blade Diameter: 50mm (1-15/16'')
  • Arbor Hole: 10mm (3/8'')
  • Extension Arm Length: 2-1/2''
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 2-7/8''
  • Brand: Arbortech
  • Weight (lbs): 0.5500