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CarveWright CX - 3D CNC System with Dust Hood and Sanding Mop Zoom

CarveWright CX - 3D CNC System with Dust Hood and Sanding Mop

Item #: 54128
Boasts large capacity, a small footprint and a powered spindle—includes a sanding mop for quickly smoothing the contours of your CNC carvings.
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A CNC with both large capacity and a small footprint seems like an impossible dream, but the CarveWright CX makes that dream come true. Thanks to the CarveWright's unique conveyor belt system, the machine can accept workpieces up to 12 feet long, despite having a footprint the size of an ordinary planer. Instead of a space-hogging bed and gantry to accommodate large workpieces, the CarveWright features a precision conveyor that moves the workpiece itself past the cutting spindle. Unlike many CNCs, the spindle is also built into the machine, meaning you don't have to purchase a separate router. With the included easy-to-use drag-and-drop software, plus the built-in automated setup features, you can easily create stunning carving projects in very little time. Optional add-on apps can enhance your capabilities, while the CarveWright Pattern Depot gives you access to over 7,000 patterns and projects to download. In addition, this package also includes a dust shroud with a 2-1/2'' dust port for connection to your dust collection system or shop vacuum.


  • Intelligent ServoSmart Advanced Motion Control system is up to four times faster than stepper CNCs
  • Revolutionary software makes designing simple. Drag, drop, and arrange your designs with ease
  • Included memory card stores your project files and plugs into the CarveWright so your computer can be be kept away from the sawdust—no need for a dedicated CNC computer
  • Software is compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Machines soft and hard wood, plywood and MDF, heat-resistant plastics, and even foams
  • Patented feed through system retains a small footprint, but machines large projects—up to twelve feet long and fourteen and a half inches wide
  • Tiling Technique lets you splice multiple pieces together to create even larger projects
  • Five feedback sensors tell the machine the size and position of your workpiece for faster setups
  • Intelligent feedback maintains accurate positioning and reports problems instead of crashing or ruining the workpiece
  • The machine measures your workpiece, tells you what bit to put in, and locates all of its index points automatically
  • Pre-calculates backlash and compensates
  • Senses slips and auto-corrects

Package includes a 240-Grit Single Sanding Mop with Spindle!

This sanding mop is the ideal tool for quickly and efficiently cleaning up your CNC carvings and other contoured woodworking projects. Simply chuck the mop into a drill press or portable drill to quickly remove machining marks and prepare your projects for finishing. The mop is assembled with a series of rubber spacers and/or nylon stabilizers that can be rearranged to adjust the softness of the mop. More rubber spacers will create a softer mop, while more nylon stabilizers results in a stiffer mop. The mops will relieve you of many hours of tedious hand sanding. Replacement abrasives are available to install on the included spindle.

What's included

(1) CarveWright CX - 3D CNC System
(1) 1/16'' Solid Carbide Carving Bit
(1) Memory Card Programmer
(1) Memory Card
(1) CarveWright Project Designer Basic Software Package
(50) Sample Patterns
(1) Dust Hood
(1) 240-Grit Single Sanding Mop with Spindle
(1) 1-1/2'' Mandrel
(1) 1/2'' Nut
(32) Sanding Mop Strips
(5) Black Rubber Spacers
(2) Nylon Plastic Stabilizers

Technical Details

  • Maximum Workpiece Length: 12'
  • Maximum Workpiece Height: 5-1/2''
  • Maximum Workpiece Width: 14-1/2''
  • Maximum Encoder Resolution: 0.00003''
  • Spindle Speed: Variable; 20,000 max RPM
  • Carving Speed: 6 ips
  • Jogging Speed: 9.3 ips
  • Chassis Material: Cast aluminum head and trucks
  • Body Material: Painted steel and ABS plastic
  • Conveyer Material: Heavy-duty rubberized PVC
  • Linear Bearings: Double row precision roller bearings
  • CarveTight Spindle Material: Single-piece hardened steel with high-speed phenolic cage bearings
  • Servo Motors: Mabuchi motors with 1296 encoder counts per revolution
  • Compatible File Types: PTN, MPC, MPW
  • Imports File Types: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, XPM, MNG (apps available to input STL and DXF)
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows (XP+), Mac OS X (10.6+)
  • Storage Temperature: 32° - 105° F
  • Operating Temperature: 50° - 105° F
  • AC Input: 100V, 50 60 Hz
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 23-1/2''W x 17''D x 15-1/2''H (not including flex-shaft; infeed/outfeed tables folded up)
  • Dust Hood Port Diameter: 2-1/2''

Sanding Mop:
  • Recommended Speed: 2,000 RPM
  • Mop Diameter: 6''
  • Mop Height: 1-1/2''
  • Sandpaper Grit: 240
  • Abrasive Type: Aluminum oxide
  • Mandrel Material: Steel
  • Spacer Material: Rubber
  • Stabilizer Material: Nylon
  • Brand: CarveWright
  • Weight (lbs): 82.0000
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