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Bar & Pipe Clamps

Bar and Pipe Clamp Applications
  1. Rockler Sure-Foot Plus® 3/4'' Pipe Clamp
    Rockler Sure-Foot Plus® 3/4'' Pipe Clamp
    187 Review(s)
    The wide base on our acclaimed Sure-Foot clamps prevents the old "domino effect" so common with ordinary bar clamps. Generous height allows free movement of the handles without having to overhang the edge of the bench.
  2. Irwin® Quick-Grip® SL300 Clamps
    Quick-Grip® SL300 Clamps
    85 Review(s)
    Fast and furious clamping—now featuring a quick-release button to reverse the clamp head for spreading.

    Starting at: From $19.99

  3. 8'' Clamp-It Bar Clamp with Sure-Foot Conversion Kit
    Clamp-It® Bar Clamps with Sure-Foot® Conversion Kits
    2 Review(s)
    Use with our Clamp-It® Assembly Square, or on the benchtop with the included Sure-Foot® stability kit.

    Starting at: From $15.98