F-Style Clamps

F-Style Clamp Applications
  1. Piher ZMM F-Style Piston Clamp
    Piher ZMM F-Style Piston Clamps
    Screw threads are enclosed for protection against glue, dust and impacts—generates up to 900 lbs of clamping force!

    Starting at: From $21.99

  2. Optimally designed for high-pressure clamping.
    Bessey TG Professional Series Bar Clamps – Light Duty, 4-inch throat
    10 Review(s)
    Bessey TG professional series bar clamps – light duty with 4-inch throat, in a variety of sizes.

    Starting at: From $22.99

  3. Bessey 8'' KliKlamp Light-Duty Lever Clamps, 2-Pack
    Bessey 8'' KliKlamp® Light-Duty Lever Clamps, 2-Pack
    47 Review(s)
    Apply just the right amount of force, from light-as-a-feather to up to 260 pounds!

    Regular Price: $49.98

    Special Price $24.99