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Parallel Clamps

Parallel Clamp Applications
  1. Bessey K-Body REVOlution Parallel Bar Clamps
    Bessey K-Body REVOlution Parallel Bar Clamps
    More clamping force, dual anti-slip protection and a hex socket in the handle for comfortable application of additional force.

    Starting at: From $39.99

  2. Quick-release handle for fast setup or take down
    Bessey® K Body® REVO Jr. Parallel Clamps
    33 Review(s)
    K Body® REVO™ Jr. clamps prevent bowing, turning and lifting during clamping with large, parallel jaws and a quick-release movable jaw.

    Starting at: From $29.99

  3. Features updated jaw caps, handle, and workpiece supports.
    Bessey® K Body® REVO Parallel Clamps
    59 Review(s)
    For high-pressure clamping, 90-degree clamping or powerful spreading, with quick-release movable jaw and Power-Grip handle.
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