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Special Application Clamps

Rockler Bandy Clamp
  1. #29190 - Clamp-It Assembly Square
    Rockler Clamp-It® Assembly Square
    281 Review(s)
    Align it, clamp it, and fasten it to get perfect 90° angles every time!

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price $9.99

  2. 31373 - Universal Fence Clamps, Pair
    Rockler Universal Fence Clamps
    497 Review(s)
    Works great for table saws, band saws, cutoff saws, router fences and more!
  3. Rockler Clamp-It® Corner Clamping Jig
    Rockler Clamp-It® Corner Clamping Jig
    156 Review(s)
    Firmly holds panels at a precise right angle, freeing up your hands so you can drive fasteners.

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $23.99

  4. Small Rockler Bandy Clamps
    Rockler Bandy Clamps
    219 Review(s)
    One easy squeeze is all it takes to clamp a wide variety of edging profiles—smaller size is ideal for thinner stock and delicate moldings.

    Starting at: From $14.99

  5. Rockler Mini Deluxe Hold-Down Clamp
  6. Bessey Angle Clamp
    Bessey Angle Clamp
    63 Review(s)
    Holds your parts at a precise right angle while you nail, screw or glue the joint. Capable of clamping in the middle of the board, or at the corner.
  7. Rockler Drawer Front Clamps
    Drawer Front Installation Clamps
    163 Review(s)
    These handy clamps hold drawer fronts firmly in position on the drawer box while you drive the screws.

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $27.99

  8. Works perfectly with 3/4' thick face frames and casework and stock up to 3' wide
    Rockler Pock-it Hole Clamp® with Quick Release
    79 Review(s)
    Clamp and align pocket hole joints faster, with better accuracy, and control!
  9. Damstom 38'' Panel Clamp
    Damstom 38'' Panel Clamp
    54 Review(s)
    Sandwiches large, thick panels to hold them flat while drying—no bowing when pressure is applied!
  10. Rockler Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp
    Rockler Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp
    57 Review(s)
    Auto-adjust clamping pressure makes securing your work as fast and easy as flipping a switch, regardless of the size of your workpiece! Fits all Rockler branded T-Tracks.
  11. Rockler 1'' x 15' Band Clamp
    Rockler 1'' x 15' Band Clamp
    13 Review(s)
    New and improved clamp provides uniform pressure on chairs, boxes, frames and a wide variety of oddly shaped, hard-to-clamp objects.

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $14.99

  12. 4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp
    4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp
    48 Review(s)
    Adjustable length clamp provides pressure from all four sides for big projects like gluing table tops and shelving.
  13. Kreg Premium Face Clamp
  14. Rockler Band Clamp Accessory Kit
    Rockler Band Clamp Accessory Kit
    3 Review(s)
    Works with the Rockler 1'' x 15' Band Clamp (#58432, sold separately) to provide neat strap storage, no-mar protection, and easier clamping of rectangular objects.
  15. Penny slots support Band Clamps (sold separately) at varying heights
    Box Joint Cauls
    26 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $10.99

  16. Double T-Track Fence Cap is ideal for use with Fence Stops and T-Track Tape
  17. Bessey BES5811 Cabinet Installation Face Frame Clamp
    Bessey Cabinet Installation Face Frame Clamp
    6 Review(s)
    Holds the face frames of two cabinets in perfect alignment while you drill the pilot holes and screw the cabinets together.
  18. Rockler Vacuum Clamp Pod Kit
    Rockler Vacuum Clamp Pod Kit
    1 Review(s)
    Use with a vacuum pump (sold separately) to hold your workpiece firmly in place, with unobstructed access to the edges and top.
  19. Kreg Automaxx Right Angle Pocket Hole Clamp
    Kreg® Automaxx Right Angle Pocket Hole Clamp
    15 Review(s)
    Steel dowel fits into a pocket hole recess to hold panels together during carcase assembly—just squeeze the clamp and it self-adjusts to varying stock thicknesses!
  20. Rockler Auto-Adjust Jig Clamp, Large
    Rockler 6" Auto-Adjust Jig Clamp, Large
    Just squeeze the clamp and it auto-adjusts for stock thickness—large, no-mar clamp pads are ideal for aligning face frame parts.
  21. Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp
    Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp
    11 Review(s)
    Pulls from both ends of the strap to ensure even pressure—integral reel keeps the 1'' x 23' strap neatly stored.
  22. Add clamp handle grips to your hand clamps for better comfort and grip.
    Clamp Handle Grips
    15 Review(s)
  23. Clamp face frames in place to attach them to your cabinet
    Rockler 3-Way Face Clamp
    19 Review(s)
    Ideal for clamping face frames and edging shelves.
  24. Rockler 1'' x 15' Band Clamp with Accessory Kit
    Rockler 1'' x 15' Band Clamp with Accessory Kit
    6 Review(s)
    Exerts uniform pressure on a wide variety of hard-to-clamp objects—included accessory kit provides neat strap storage and no-mar protection.