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Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamp Applications
  1. Rockler Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp
    Rockler Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp
    43 Review(s)
    Auto-adjust clamping pressure makes securing your work as fast and easy as flipping a switch, regardless of the size of your workpiece! Fits all Rockler branded T-Tracks.
  2. Convenient plate allows any of our toggle clamps to quickly and easily attach directly to a T-track
  3. Large Toggle Clamp Foot
    Large Toggle Clamp Foot
    6 Review(s)
    These oversized clamping feet provide broader, more stable clamping pressure and an extended reach with the 6" foot.

    Starting at: From $3.99

  4. Small Toggle Clamp
    Small Toggle Clamp
    9 Review(s)
    A toggle quick-action hold-down clamp for jigs or for securing a workpiece.
  5. Once attached to a bench or fixture, this clamp becomes a convenient hold down with 450 pounds of clamping power.
    Large Push Action Clamp
    5 Review(s)
    A convenient hold down designed to be atached to a bench or fixture, producing 450 pounds of clamping force.
  6. Works great as a quick-action hold down for jigs or as a simple way to secure a work piece
    Small T-Handle Clamp
    2 Review(s)
    A T-handle quick-action hold down clamp for jigs or for securing a work piece.
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