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Curly Bubinga by the Piece Zoom

Curly Bubinga by the Piece

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Curly Bubinga 3/4" X 5" X 24" Item #: 31590
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Curly Bubinga 3/4" X 5" X 24" Item #: 31590
In Stock
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Often referred to as "African Rosewood," Bubinga has become a popular choice for musical instruments and fine decorative pieces. It showcases gorgeous grain patterns and reddish-brown tones with purple veining.

Lumber Details:

  • Tree: Often reaches a height of over 100 feet, with trunk diameters of 36 inches.
  • Sapwood: Whitish.
  • Heartwood: Medium red-brown or red to reddish-brown with light red/purple veins.
  • Grain: Straight or interlocked.
  • Texture: Even grain ranging from fine to very fine.
  • Luster: Very lustrous.
  • Odor: Emits a pungent odor when freshly cut.
  • Movement: Dimensionally stable. Retains its shape well after machining.
  • Natural Durability: Naturally resistant to decay and termite attack.
  • Cutting Resistance: Bubinga can be readily sawn, but due to its density, a slow feed rate is advised.
  • Working characteristics: Responds well to both machine and hand tools, but cutting edges must be kept sharp.
  • Polishing: Takes an excellent polish.
  • Strength: The wood is extremely strong, with high bending and crushing strength.

What's included

(1) Curly Bubinga by the Piece

Technical Details

  • Species: Bubinga

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