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Earth Day 2016: Planting 11,396 Trees

In celebration of Earth Day 2016, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is donating more than $11,000 to the Hardwood Forestry Fund to support a forest restoration project in northeast Texas.

The Gilmont Upland Hardwood Restoration Project involves the planting of 11,396 seedlings of five different oak species on 22 acres where drought and disease had damaged an existing stand of hardwood trees. Rockler’s $11,396 contribution will cover costs for ongoing support and management of the project.

A not-for-profit, educational organization, The Hardwood Forestry Fund targets planting and management of commercially valuable hardwoods, including black cherry, black walnut, red oak, hard maple, hickory, ash, and others. All trees planted by the Hardwood Forestry Fund require a management plan, harvest, and regeneration schedule.

Help us ensure a steady source of beautiful domestic hardwoods for generations to come. To learn more about the Hardwood Forestry Fund and make your own contribution, please visit their web site at


The Gilmont Upland Hardwood Restoration Project

The 22-acre project site is part of the Gilmont Camp and Conference Center, a 400-acre retreat area about 125 miles east of Dallas that’s open to the public. Rockler’s contribution will help the camp develop a forestry management plan that will address recreational and educational opportunities for guests, timber production through sustainable forestry practices, wildlife habitat and environmental quality.

The project is the latest collaboration between Rockler and the Hardwood Forestry Fund, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to establishing sustainable hardwood forests. Rockler and the Forestry Fund worked together to plant 7,000 hardwood seedlings at a conservation center in southeastern Ohio in 2014 and a total of 16,000 trees at sites in southwestern Wisconsin and central Pennsylvania in 2013, as well as tens of thousands of trees in earlier projects.

Rockler’s contribution to the Hardwood Forestry Fund for Earth Day also is part of its celebration of National Woodworking Month. Throughout April, Rockler has offered a series of hands-on project kits and classes that introduce new people to woodworking by helping them make useful projects for their homes.

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