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EXAKTOR Overarm Dusthood

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Collects virtually 100% of dust thrown above the table.
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Tired of holding your breath while dust flies in your face? This professional-grade table saw dust hood features a huge basket that collects virtually 100% of the dust that is thrown above the table. With wheels at both front and back, stock glides smoothly beneath, while maintaining just enough air intake for optimum dust collection. When you need access to the blade, the scissor lift mechanism with counterbalanced weight lets you lift up the hood with just the touch of a finger. Adjustable horizontal boom will fit a table saw with fence extending up to 70" from the blade. Hardware and fittings are included for mounting either to the floor or to the edge of the saw table. A 4" hose with 700-800 CFM dust extractor is recommended.

  • Guard basket is equipped with in-feed and out-feed wheels. This allows the guard basket to roll up and over the work piece and position the guard basket the correct height above the work piece for optimum dust collection.
  • Shuttered openings at the back of the guard basket allow for the use of splitter and anti-kick-back pawls provided with the user's table saw.
  • Bottom edge of the guard basket can be raised up 7" above the saw table. If more height is required, the horizontal boom and guard basket can be swung out of the way.

Easy installation:
Only three tools are required to install: a 3/8" electric drill, a screw driver and an adjustable wrench. The assembly instructions are included with the unit.

Flexible installation options:
The Exaktor blade cover can be attached to either the right or left-hand end, or back edge of a saw table up to 35" high. The telescopic boom is adjustable to accommodate a rip fence extending up to 70" from the saw blade. The guard basket can be adjusted forward and backward to accommodate saw tables with different depths. Where floor space is not available, the vertical mast can be upended and hung from above the table saw.

Quality materials and precision machining:
Parts for the Exaktor dust hood are precision formed by computer-controlled machines to exact tolerances. The telescopic boom is aluminum tubing. The Mast is manufactured from steel tubing. The suspension and guard basket frame are steel. They are coated with a hard baked-on powder coat finish to resist corrosion and provide a smooth working surface. The lenses in the guard basket are 1/8" thick shatterproof plastic.


  • Boom consists of two aluminum tubular extrusions.
  • The diameter of the outer tube is 4", the inner tube is 3-1/2" inches.
  • Three UHMW sleeves between the tubes allow the boom to be easily adjusted for length.
  • A four-inch hose with 700 to 800 CFM of airflow is recommended.

Tech Spec

Brand Exaktor
Manufacturer Part Number EXOA-2
Weight (lbs) 47.0000


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This product works great. I work...

JARDEAN C from Germantown, MD Posted October 13, 2007
This product works great. I work with MDF alot and the unit captures almost 100% of dust. Also works great with solid wood - extracts saw dust with ease, even with my fairly small dust collector as you can see in the picture. One waring though -- The arm is designed to be mounted to the side of a table that is about 3 feet away from the blade (minimum). If your extension wings aren't long enough it won't fit (i.e. you can retract the arm far enough to get it over the blade. Not to worry though. I had this problem and solved it by cutting both the inner and outer tubes of the pipe arm down to a shorter size, then re-mounting the arm farther up on the bracket so it would be right over my saw blade. Not alot of work for something that works this good. Good Luck!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I list this product as Very...

Jeffrey H from Lagrangeville, NY Posted April 16, 2013
I list this product as Very Good only after a couple of aftermarket "adjustments". I had a few problems with this item fron the get-go, but solved most if not all. Here is a list of those issues and resolutions {I use the arm in a fixed location, mounted to the right side of the tablesaw extension table}. 1. The knob on the support column does not have the holding power to keep the arm in a perpendicular position to the saw blade. Solved by drilling through both the support column and the arm's column sleeve, and inserting a through bolt with wingnut for easy removal when necessary. I still use the provided knob on the column sleeve, because it helps keep the arm parallel to the table surface.2. The front roller wheel is a little too blunt to easily ride up anything thicker than 1/2" material. Solved by adding a "sled/ski" to the front made out of scrap sheet metal stock. The ski gets the hood lift started, then the wheel takes over and allows the stock to pass without marring. Without this addition, 3/4" stock would push the hood dangerously close to the blade {also a reason for item 1 above}.3. I do a good deal of stock trimming {door rails, stiles}, where the blade is not captured in the kerf of a cut. When this occurs, and the hood is elevated by the thickness of the stock, I was getting a lot of dust thrown out the side and front of the hood. Solved by adding bristle-type door sweep pieces around the sides, set up to lower when the hood raises, and raise when the hood lowers. After these changes, the hood performs the way the manufacturers probably imagined it to. I like it, and would certainly recommend it in addition to a tablesaw dust collection system.-Tom

This is a great addition to...

Lee M from Concrete, WA Posted November 4, 2007
This is a great addition to my Grizzly cabinet saw. I have a router table on the right side of my saw that I built and there was no problem attaching the the overarm to it. I added casters to the bottom of he support as suggested. The first thing I ran through my saw was some particle board and what a difference it made, I was not covered with sawdust when I was finished.

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I have been using Rockler for years, your products are always the best that can be purchased and your prices are very reasonable. Ann you have always done your best to make me feel as though I was your very best customer. Thank you for great service."

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What People are Saying:

I have been using Rockler for years, your products are always the best that can be purchased and your prices are very reasonable. Ann you have always done your best to make me feel as though I was your very best customer. Thank you for great service."

- Daniel F.
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