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Finishing Accessories

  1. Tack Cloth
    Tack Cloth
    86 Review(s)
    The tried-and-true solution for removing dust and dirt particles prior to finishing or between coats, ensuring a glassy smooth top coat.
  2. Elevates even the smallest of projects allowing you to finish four sides without stopping
    Rockler Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones
    39 Review(s)
    Lift your finishing project off the bench for easy access to all sides. Pointed cones will not mar your finish.
  3. Engineered to fit snugly over any Bench Cookie® Work Gripper (sold separately).
    Rockler Bench Cookie® Bridges, 4-Pack
    16 Review(s)
    Snap on to Bench Cookie® Work Grippers (sold separately) to balance narrow stock for finishing – without smudging the other side!
  4. Stackable containers are ideal for mixing stains, finishes, epoxy and more.
    Stackable Mixing Cups
    20 Review(s)
    Eliminate guesswork when thinning or mixing finishes.
  5. Painter's Pyramids with New Tab Feature, 10-Pack
    Painter's Pyramids with New Tab Feature, 10-Pack
    47 Review(s)
    Elevate your project to make finishing faster and easier.
  6. The easy way to clean or store your favorite brush
    Overnight Brush Storage Container
    23 Review(s)
    Eliminates brush cleaning time while using multiple coats.

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price $4.99

  7. 35mm Paint Plugs
    35mm Paint Plugs
    7 Review(s)
    Avoid troubles with hinge fit or stray drips by keeping finish buildup out of hinge-cup holes.
  8. Rockler Mini Finishing Points, 12-Pack
    Rockler Mini Finishing Points, 12-Pack
    9 Review(s)
    Lets you finish the back side of your workpiece, then flip it and finish the face—no need to wait for the back side to dry!
  9. Paper Cone Strainers with Medium Mesh, 10-Pack
    Paper Cone Strainers with Medium Mesh, 10-Pack
    1 Review(s)
    These are replacement strainers for our Finish Strainer Kit (#40321, sold separately).
  10. Spraying from one vantage point means no walking, no yanking on hoses and no need to readjust lighting.
    Sure-Hook™ 360
    31 Review(s)
    360 degrees of swivel action for easy finishing of all sides.
  11. The 1' long mounting column lets you gauge how deep your screw will go into your workpiece.
    Rockler Sure-Hook™ Universal Mount
    8 Review(s)
    Attaches by screw to almost any workpiece to allow easy spray finishing.
  12. ZAR® Wood Graining Tool
    ZAR® Wood Graining Tool
    1 Review(s)
    Simply drag through fresh stain and rock back and forth to create a realistic faux wood grain effect.
  13. Plastic Paint Cup, 600mlPaint Cup, 600ml
    Plastic Paint Cup, 600ml
    Designed for use only with the Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun (#38269).
  14. 1-1/4'' Flex-Blade Putty Knife
    1-1/4'' Flex-Blade Putty Knife
    2 Review(s)
    Flexible blade provides just the right amount of spring for puttying holes and other defects.
  15. 2'' Stiff-Blade Putty Knife
    2'' Stiff-Blade Putty Knife
    Wide, stiff blade is well-suited for tougher tasks like scraping paint and dried glue.
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