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Specialty Finish

  1. ''Wood Juice'' Wood Stabilizer
    ''Wood Juice'' Wood Stabilizer
    2 Review(s)
    Prevent checking, cracking and warping in dry, semi-dry and green wood that's been sawed.
  2. 100% Pure Acetone
    100% Pure Acetone
    2 Review(s)
    A heavy-duty degreaser and cleanup solvent.
  3. Bloxygen Gas for Preserving Unused Finishing Materials
  4. Blue Bear® Cleaner & Degreaser, Quart
    Blue Bear® Cleaner & Degreaser
    1 Review(s)
    Quickly and easily cleans grime, oil and grease from a variety of surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, metal and painted walls.

    Starting at: From $9.99

  5. Blue Bear® Mastic & Adhesive Remover, Quart
    Blue Bear® Mastic & Adhesive Remover
    Rejuvenate old concrete surfaces with Blue Bear Mastic and Adhesive Remover—restores floors to a ''clean slate'' condition so you can resurface however you wish.

    Starting at: From $14.99

  6. De-Glue Goo Glue Remover
    De-Glue Goo Glue Remover
    Dissolve old water-based glue quickly and safely.
  7. Famowood Wood Filler Solvent
    Famowood Wood Filler Solvent
    6 Review(s)
    Keep wood filler from drying up in the can.
  8. Flitz Brass Cleaner
    Flitz Brass Cleaner
    2 Review(s)
  9. Furniture Refinisher
    Furniture Refinisher
    A quick and easy way to remove shellac, varnish or lacquered finishes.
  10. General Finishes Dry-Time Extender, Pint
  11. Available in 1/2 Pint, Pint and Quart sizes
    General Finishes Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner
    8 Review(s)
    Apply before stain to minimize blotching in porous woods.

    Starting at: From $9.99

  12. Goof Off Ultimate Remover
  13. Green Wood End Sealer - Select Option
    Green Wood End Sealer - Select Option
    16 Review(s)
    Seal the ends to prevent checking in freshly cut green lumber.

    Starting at: From $16.99

  14. Howard Restor-A-Finish
    Howard Restor-A-Finish - 8 Ounce
    10 Review(s)
    Restore the original color and luster to your finish while blending out blemishes and scratches.

    Starting at: From $10.99

  15. Klean-Strip Denatured Alcohol
    Klean-Strip Denatured Alcohol
    The solvent of choice for dissolving shellac flakes—provides a smooth film with excellent working characteristics.

    Starting at: From $6.99

  16. Klean-Strip Odorless Mineral Spirits for CARB, Quart
    Klean-Strip Odorless Mineral Spirits for CARB, Quart
    1 Review(s)
    An excellent cleaner for paint, brushes, tools, and equipment—approved for use in California and Utah.
  17. Klean-Strip Paint Thinner, Gallon
    Klean-Strip Paint Thinner
    Use to thin oil-based paints, stains and varnishes for better brushing or spraying, and to clean up tools and paint drips.

    Starting at: From $3.99

  18. Klean-Strip Paint Thinner for SCAQMD, Quart
    Klean-Strip Paint Thinner for SCAQMD
    Use to thin oil-based paints, stains and varnishes. Formulated for the SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District). Meets California VOC requirements.

    Starting at: From $7.99

  19. Klean-Strip Turpatine, Quart
    Klean-Strip Turpatine, Quart
    Distilled from tree resins to create a superior, natural thinner that has become the artist’s choice for thinning oils and art-grade paints.
  20. Liberon Ring Remover
    Liberon Ring Remover
    28 Review(s)
    Remove heat and water rings from varnish, shellac, lacquer, French polish and polyurethane.
  21. MirrorCoat® Bar/Tabletop Finish
    MirrorCoat® Bar/Tabletop Finish
    6 Review(s)
    Enhance and protect your bar or tabletop with a tough, glossy epoxy finish.

    Starting at: From $44.99

  22. Novus® #1 Clean and Shine for Plastics, 8 oz.
    Novus® #1 Clean and Shine for Plastics, 8 oz.
    2 Review(s)
    Gently cleans and shines all plastics without scratching—ideal for acrylic pens!
  23. Novus® #2 Fine Scratch Remover for Plastics, 8 oz.
    Novus® #2 Fine Scratch Remover for Plastics, 8 oz.
    5 Review(s)
    Restores original appearance to hazy, scratched plastics and solid surface materials—works great for polishing acrylic pens!
  24. Novus® #3 Heavy Scratch Remover for Plastics, 8 oz.
    Novus® #3 Heavy Scratch Remover for Plastics, 8 oz.
    3 Review(s)
    Removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic surfaces, including acrylic pens.
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