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Wood Dyes

  1. Darkening Solution
    Darkening Solution
    30 Review(s)
    Give new brass hardware the look of a seasoned antique.

    Starting at: From $6.99

  2. Colored stain adds gorgeous accents to your work.

    Starting at: From $13.99

  3. Homestead Dry Dyes
    Homestead Dry Dyes
    28 Review(s)
    Rather than sitting on the surface, dry dyes penetrate deep into the wood for a transparent, natural look.

    Starting at: From $12.99

  4. Master Dye Toners
    Master Dye Toners
    1 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $14.99

  5. Oxalic Acid for Wood Bleaching
    Oxalic Acid for Wood Bleaching
    21 Review(s)
    Even out the appearance of bare wood so it will stain to a uniform color.
  6. TransTint® Dyes
    TransTint® Dyes
    67 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $21.99

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