July Sales

Mallets and Hammers

  1. 4-1/2'' Carpenter's Mallet
  2. 26 Oz. Dead Blow Mallet
  3. 14'' Adjustable Pry Bar Tool
    14'' Adjustable Pry Bar Tool
    19 Review(s)
    Multipurpose demolition tool transforms from a pry bar and nail puller to a hammer in just seconds.
  4. Ma-12 Carving Mallet
    Ma-12 Carving Mallet
    3 Review(s)
  5. Woodcarver's Mallet
    Woodcarver's Mallet
    4 Review(s)
    A high-quality mallet made from close-grained beech for the optimal balance of weight, hardness and durability.
  6. 20 oz Carvers Mallet

Types of mallets

Carver's mallet: The round, tapered head allows the carver to strike the carving tool solidly from a variety of directions as it is moved to make new cuts.

Carpenter's (or joiner's) mallet: The faces of the mallet are angled so that they exert force straight downward when used to strike a chisel, making this mallet an ideal choice for chopping out dovetails.

Dead-blow mallet: The hollow head of the mallet is filled with metal shot and delivers a solid, no-bounce strike without damaging the workpiece. Ideal for assemblies and glue-ups where a little extra persuasion is needed.