July Sales

Veneering Tools

  1. High Pressure J-Roller
    High Pressure J-Roller
    26 Review(s)
    Ergonomically contoured handle and robust grips let you apply maximum pressure with minimal effort.
  2. FastCap Quad Edge Banding Trimmer
    FastCap Quad Edge Banding Trimmer
    61 Review(s)
    Trim both sides of your edge banding perfectly flush with just one easy pass of the FastCap Quad Trimmer.
  3. Veneer Saw
    Veneer Saw
    15 Review(s)
  4. J-Roller for Veneering
  5. Stays square for flush cuts.
    Veneer Trimmer
    7 Review(s)
    Easily makes perfectly clean square cuts.
  6. Replacement Blades for FastCap Quad Trimmer, 2-Pack
    Replacement Blades for FastCap Quad Trimmer, 2-Pack
    2 Review(s)
    Prolong the life of your FastCap Quad Trimmer with this pack of genuine replacement blades.
  7. 1-3/16" Wide Roller - Veneer Roller
  8. Edge Banding Machine
    Edge Banding Machine
    30 Review(s)
    With this efficient machine, one pass is all it takes to apply hot-melt edge banding. Trim the end with a quick palm strike and move on to the next piece!
  9. 57467 - Veneer Trimming Guide
  10. Replacement Blade for Veneer Saw

From veneer cutters to vacuum presses to edge-banding machines to trimmers, we've got everything you need to make your veneering project a success. Here's a breakdown by tasks:

Cutting: Our veneer saw makes cutting clean, precise lines easy.

Applying veneer: From double-sided adhesive tape to our edge-banding iron to our edge-banding machine, we have what you need to apply veneer.

Ensuring a good bond: Our vacuum press applies pressure all around a multi-sided veneer project, while our rollers and smoothing blade allow for more targeted pressure.

Trimming: We offer a variety of tools to trim veneer edge banding flush.