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After Christmas Sale

Interior Screws

  1. Features a self-drilling point that predrills itself

    Starting at: From $4.99

  2. Has a type 17 self-drilling point and self-countersinking

    Starting at: From $2.50

  3. Trim Head Square Drive Screws

    Starting at: From $6.99

  4. Drawer Slide Mounting Screws Truss Head/Phillips
  5. Powerhead #10 Wood Screws

    Starting at: From $3.99

  6. 2.5'' Powerhead Screws
    Black #10 Powerhead Wood Screws, 50-Pack
    4 Review(s)
    Broad, flat screw head provides superior holding power and won't pull through softer materials such as particle board.

    Starting at: From $5.99

  7. Hi-Lo Screws

    Starting at: From $2.75

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