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  1. Porter-Cable 5/8'' 18 GA Galvanized Brad Nails
    Porter-Cable 18 Gauge Galvanized Brad Nails - 1000 Pack
    Ideal for applying moldings and light assembly with a minimal entry hole—fits most 18 gauge brad nailers.

    Starting at: From $3.49

    Out of stock
  2. Pack of Wire Nails

    Starting at: From $1.12

  3. Wire Brads

    Starting at: From $2.62

  4. Porter-Cable 1'' 16 GA Galvanized Finish Nails
    Porter-Cable 16 Gauge Galvanized Finish Nails - 1000 Pack
    3 Review(s)
    Use for assembly and trim work where a small entry hole is desired—fits most 16 gauge straight finish nailers.

    Starting at: From $3.99

  5. Available in 5/8", 1", or 1-1/2" sizes

    Starting at: From $5.99

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