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Butt Hinges

  1. Fixed Pin Extruded Hinges 2" L x 2" L

    Starting at: From $14.39

  2. Deluxe Butt Hinges –2" L x 1-3/4" W, Flat Tip
    Deluxe Butt Hinges –2" L x 1-3/4" W, Flat Tip
    3 Review(s)
    Dazzling, durable hinges are available in three finishes and feature fully swaged leaf design and elongated mounting holes for easy adjustment and a perfect fit.

    Starting at: From $19.99

  3. 40965

    Starting at: From $20.79

  4. Polished Brass Ball Tip 3" Long X 2" Wide

    Starting at: From $23.99

  5. Polished Brass Finial Tip Hinges 3'' Long x 2'' Wide

    Starting at: From $24.79

  6. Fixed Pin Extruded Hinges 3" L x 2" W

    Starting at: From $20.79

  7. Polished Brass Fixed Pin Hinges 2-1/2" Long x 2" Wide

    Regular Price: $27.99

    Special Price $22.39

  8. Polished Brass Ball Tip 2-1/2" Long x 2-1/2" Wide

    Starting at: From $23.99

  9. Finial Tip Extruded Hinges 2-1/2'' L x 2'' W

    Starting at: From $24.79

  10. Fixed Pin Extruded Hinges 2-1/2" L x 2-1/2" W

    Starting at: From $22.39


The quintessential traditional hinge, it has two pivoting plates whose interlocking fingers form a barrel and are held together by a pin. One plate is attached to the door; the other, to the cabinet. Butt hinges sometimes require a mortise in the door and/or the cabinet to prevent an excessive gap.

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