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Kitchen and Bath Knobs and Pulls

Rockler Deluxe Drawer Pull JIG IT®


  • Allows you to mark off hole locations in about half the time it takes with a tape measure
  • Measuring scale makes it easy to find the center of the drawer
  • Side stop block makes repeating the process on same-sized drawers instantaneous
  • Drilled with pre-set spacing for all of the most common drawer pull bore dimensions
  • Virtually no worries about drilling a hole in the wrong spot
  • Makes marking screw holes quick, simple and accurate
  • Creates absolutely accurate spacing for pull borings
  • Pulls off perfectly aligned drawer pulls and knobs time after time
    Before and After Kitchen Hardware Update

    Whether you are updating existing cabinetry or finishing off a new cabinetmaking project, selecting knobs and pulls is your chance to add a touch of your own individual style. You don't have to spend thousands to give your kitchen a new look. Below, we'll show you how you can give one of the most important rooms in your house a first-rate "makeover" at a fraction of the cost of a full scale remodeling project. The vast majority of today's homeowners can update their kitchens with a few simple procedures, such as adding some hinges and hardware, new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, or by refacing existing cabinetry and casework.


    1. Replace old knobs and pulls
    2. Make the most of your storage space
    3. Put the spotlight on your new-look kitchen
    4. Add a touch of glass
    5. Replace those old cabinet doors and drawer fronts