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Knobs and Pulls

  1. Amerock Village Classics Pull, BP19324-ORB
  2. Amerock Village Classics Knob, BP19321-RB
  3. Amerock Traditional Classics Knob, BP772-ORB
  4. Amerock Traditional Classics Knob, BP771-ORB
  5. Amerock The Anniversary Collection Pull, BP854-ORB
  6. Amerock Sundara Knob, BP27009-ORB
  7. Amerock Revitalize Pull, BP55346-ORB
  8. Amerock Revitalize Pull, BP55346-GB
  9. Amerock Revitalize Pull, BP55343-ORB
  10. Amerock Revitalize Knob, BP55342-ORB
  11. Amerock Revitalize Gilded Bronze Round Knob, BP55342-GB
  12. Amerock Revitalize Gilded Bronze Round Knob, BP55341-GB
  13. Amerock Revitalize Gilded Bronze Pull 3.75'', BP55344-GB

    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $4.99

  14. Amerock Revitalize Gilded Bronze Pull 3'', BP55343-GB
  15. Amerock Reflections Knob, BP1387-RBZ
  16. Amerock Porter Pull, BP27024-ORB
  17. Amerock Porter Knob, BP27026-ORB
  18. Amerock Nature's Splendor Finger Pull, BP4452-RBZ
  19. Amerock Natural Elegance Pull, BP1332-RBZ
  20. Amerock Natural Elegance Pull, BP1330-RBZ
  21. Amerock Mulholland Pull, BP53034-ORB
  22. Amerock Mulholland Pull, BP53033-ORB
  23. Amerock Mulholland Pull, BP53031-ORB
  24. Amerock Mulholland Pull, BP53030-ORB
Whether you're restoring an antique dresser, updating kitchen cabinets or customizing new furniture for a nursery, Rockler has the hardware you need. We carry a truly vast selection of pulls and knobs in a variety of materials, finishes and styles from some of the most trusted brands. From antique brass to Arts & Crafts copper to modern brushed nickel, you'll find hardware that accents your project at Rockler.
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