May Sales

Entertainment Center Hardware

  1. Glass Retainer
    Glass Retainer
    18 Review(s)
  2. Tapered Pads - Recessed Panel Retainers

    Starting at: From $3.99

  3. Soft rubber stops rattling and won�t mar glass.

    Starting at: From $5.49

  4. Glass Door Retainer Clips Kit
    Glass Door Retainer Clips Kit
    95 Review(s)
    Works for a variety of glass thicknesses and rabbet depths.
  5. Quarter Round Real Hardwood Panel Retainer Molding

    Starting at: From $5.99

  6. Clear Groove-Type Plastic Panel Retainer

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $10.49

  7. Staple-type Plastic Panel Retainer

    Starting at: From $13.99

  8. Groove-Type Plastic Panel Retainer - Wood-Colored

    Starting at: From $13.99