Entertainment Center Hardware

  1. Round Magnetic Catch - Choose size

    Starting at: From $7.99

  2. Corner Guards for Pullout Shelf, Pair
    Corner Guards for Pullout Shelf, Pair
    3 Review(s)
    Install these corner protectors on the front edge of your pullout shelf to prevent scratches and dents to your cabinet doors.
  3. 30049 - Polished Brass

    Starting at: From $2.99

  4. Narrow Profile Magnetic Catch
  5. Pivot hinges
    Pivot Hinges
    20 Review(s)
  6. Swivel Mirror Screws
    Swivel Mirror Screws
    34 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $9.99

  7. Glass Door Retainer Clips, Clear, 8-Pack
    Glass Door Retainer Clips, 8-Pack
    24 Review(s)
    A simple, economical solution for securing glass panes within the frames of your glass doors.

    Starting at: From $3.99

  8. White

    Starting at: From $4.99

  9. Polished Chrome Glass Door Pivot Hinges

    Starting at: From $4.99

  10. Flipper Sliding Door Systems
    European Style Sliding Door Hardware
    23 Review(s)
    Provides silent operation with a virtually concealed profile.
  11. Glass Door Retainer Clips Kit
    Glass Door Retainer Clips Kit
    90 Review(s)
    Works for a variety of glass thicknesses and rabbet depths.
  12. Soft rubber stops rattling and won�t mar glass.

    Starting at: From $4.99

  13. Low Profile Lazy Susans
    Low Profile Lazy Susans
    154 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $2.99