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Entertainment Center Hardware

  1. Double Magnetic Touch Latch, Black
    Double Magnetic Touch Latch, Black
    1 Review(s)
    The perfect answer for double doors—you get two catches for less than you would pay for two separate ones!
  2. Corner Guards for Pullout Shelf, Pair
    Corner Guards for Pullout Shelf, Pair
    1 Review(s)
    Install these corner protectors on the front edge of your pullout shelf to prevent scratches and dents to your cabinet doors.
  3. Quarter Round Real Hardwood Panel Retainer Molding

    Starting at: From $5.49

  4. Glass Door Retainer Clips Kit
    Glass Door Retainer Clips Kit
    49 Review(s)
    Works for a variety of glass thicknesses and rabbet depths.
  5. Aluminum Cabinet Door Frames - Aluminum Frame Material

    Starting at: From $5.99

  6. Ventilator, SAM - Satin

    Starting at: From $5.99

  7. Flip-N-See CD (Holder Only)
  8. Rear Mounted Swivel Mirror Hinge
  9. Large Oval Grommets
    Large Oval Grommets
    1 Review(s)
    Large oval grommets, 6-1/2" long, 3" wide and 5/8" deep with 1" by 3-1/2" slot, molded plastic.

    Starting at: From $7.99

  10. Ratchet Lock
    Ratchet Lock
    1 Review(s)
  11. A pair of reversible cabinet knife hinges in a bronze finish.
  12. Round Magnetic Catch - Choose size

    Starting at: From $9.99

  13. Swivel Mirror Screws
    Swivel Mirror Screws
    25 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $12.99

  14. Lazy Susan, Slimline
  15. Inset 35mm Hinges for Medium Duty Flipper Door Slides
  16. Flipper Sliding Door Systems
    European Style Sliding Door Hardware
    17 Review(s)
    Provides silent operation with a virtually concealed profile.

    Regular Price: $30.99

    Special Price $15.50

  17. 21087
  18. 4 Foot Plastic Sliding Door Track

    Starting at: From $17.99

  19. Clear Groove-Type Plastic Panel Retainer
  20. Glass Door Locks
    Glass Door Locks
    4 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $19.99

  21. Staple-type Plastic Panel Retainer

    Starting at: From $19.99

  22. Straight Style Knife Hinges are for overlay doors. (26245 and 26252)

    Starting at: From $19.99

  23. Groove-Type Plastic Panel Retainer - Wood-Colored

    Starting at: From $19.99

  24. Power Venting Fan Kits
    Power Venting Fan Kits
    26 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $24.99

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