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Table Hardware

  1. Table Top Fasteners
    Table Top Fasteners
    102 Review(s)
    Provides sturdy connection between tabletop and apron.
  2. Surface mount
  3. Hairpin legs are sold in sets of four and are available in three different sizes.
    I-Semble™ Hairpin Table Legs
    62 Review(s)
    Fans of mid-century modern furniture will be pleased with the authentic look ofour new hairpin legs.

    Starting at: From $49.99

  4. Perfect for aligning and locking both table leaves and table halves
    64 Review(s)
  5. Table Pins-Choose type
    Table Pins-Choose type
    41 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $2.99

  6. Includes 6 pairs of table aligners per pack with screws
  7. Desk Top Fasteners
    Desk Top Fasteners, 8-Pack
    56 Review(s)
    Securely fasten wooden tops to your desks and occasional tables, while also allowing for seasonal wood movement.
  8. Brass Plated Table Lock
  9. Metal Drop Leaf Support
    Metal Drop Leaf Support
    56 Review(s)
    Adds strength and stability to your table.
  10. 24281 Kerf Mount Bracket

    Starting at: From $3.49

  11. Drop Leaf Support-Select size

    Starting at: From $14.99

  12. Folding Leg Bracket
    Folding Leg Bracket
    90 Review(s)
  13. Extension Slides - 36"  Length
    Extension Slides - 36" Length
    24 Review(s)
    The best built, largest opening and strongest slides!

    Starting at: From $69.99

  14. Extension Slides - Wood - Max Opening of 26" (set)
    Extension Slides - 20" Length
    44 Review(s)
    The best built, largest opening and strongest slides!

    Starting at: From $39.99

  15. Equalizer Slides-Select wood size

    Starting at: From $64.99

  16. Roto Hinges-Choose size

    Starting at: From $6.49

  17. Butt joint hinges are yellow zinc plated
    Yellow Zinc-Plated Drop Leaf Hinges for Straight Edges
    22 Review(s)
    Get smooth up-and-down action on your table leaves.
  18. Posi-Lock Folding Leg Bracket
  19. I-Semble® 3-Rod Hairpin Legs, 4-Pack, Black
    I-Semble® 3-Rod Hairpin Legs, 4-Pack, Black
    31 Review(s)

    Sleek, classic design with a third support rod for more rigidity on heavier applications like desks and dining tables.

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  20. Rule joint hinges are brass plated
  21. Solid Brass Table Keeper
  22. Wooden corner blocks-Choose size

    Starting at: From $4.99

  23. Clinch Nut Plates
    Clinch Nut Plates
    3 Review(s)
  24. Screw-on Corner Braces, 4-Pack
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