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Project Hardware

  1. Table Top Fasteners
    Table Top Fasteners
    107 Review(s)
    Provides sturdy connection between tabletop and apron.
  2. Surface mount
  3. Perfect for aligning and locking both table leaves and table halves
    67 Review(s)
  4. Desk Top Fasteners
    Desk Top Fasteners, 8-Pack
    63 Review(s)
    Securely fasten wooden tops to your desks and occasional tables, while also allowing for seasonal wood movement.
  5. Glass Door Retainer Clips Kit
    Glass Door Retainer Clips Kit
    63 Review(s)
    Works for a variety of glass thicknesses and rabbet depths.
  6. Flipper Sliding Door Systems
    European Style Sliding Door Hardware
    19 Review(s)
    Provides silent operation with a virtually concealed profile.

    Regular Price: $30.99

    Special Price $15.50

  7. Space Balls - Raised Panel Door Spacers
    Space Balls - Raised Panel Door Spacers
    36 Review(s)
    Eliminates panel rattle, and ensures that the panel stays centered in the frame. (100 Pack)
  8. Metal Drop Leaf Support
    Metal Drop Leaf Support
    59 Review(s)
    Adds strength and stability to your table.
  9. Folding Leg Bracket
    Folding Leg Bracket
    95 Review(s)
  10. Brass Plated Table Lock
  11. Mini Flocker spray gun with Suede Tex
  12. Heavy Duty Lifting Leveler
    Heavy Duty Lifting Leveler
    79 Review(s)
    It's easy to lift and level furniture pieces up to 600 pounds with these threaded leveling feet. A hex wrench allows adjustment from the top side.
  13. Decorative Chain Support
  14. With rust-resistant plating and ball bearing pivot points.
    Glider Bracket Hardware
    45 Review(s)
    Turn virtually any bench into a glider.
  15. Mini-Flocker Suede-Tex Fibers & Adhesive - Black
    Mini-Flocker Suede-Tex Fibers & Adhesive - Black
    4 Review(s)
    Give your project a finished look with Black Suede-Tex Fiber that resembles velvet.

    Starting at: From $13.99

  16. Soft-Stem Bumpers
    Soft-Stem Bumpers
    30 Review(s)
  17. Combination Leg Equalizer
  18. Brass Turn Buttons, 8-Pack
  19. Steam Trunk Hardware Kit
  20. Magnetic Catch For Inset Doors
  21. Butt joint hinges are yellow zinc plated
    Yellow Zinc-Plated Drop Leaf Hinges for Straight Edges
    22 Review(s)
    Get smooth up-and-down action on your table leaves.
  22. Plastic Leveler Glides
    Plastic Leveler Glides
    10 Review(s)
    This 4 pack of Plastic Leveler Glides allows easy leveling of furniture.
  23. Posi-Lock Folding Leg Bracket
  24. Narrow Profile Magnetic Catch
Lid supports, table latches, glass-retaining clips and more – just about anything you might need for any project.
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