May Sales

Kitchen Organization

  1. Polymer 5 Shelf Set with independently rotating hardware and telescoping shaft (cabinet door organizer not included)
    D-Shape 5 Shelf Corner Lazy Susans, Rev-a-Shelf 6265 Series
    D-shaped 5 shelf lazy susan for corner cabinets. White or almond polymer shelves in 22" diameter for 56"-62" inner cabinet heights.

    Starting at: From $230.99

  2. (Product SKU 6065-16-11-52)
    Full Circle 5 Shelf Lazy Susans, Rev-a-Shelf 6065 Series-18" Shelf Set
    Rev-A-Shelf 6065 series full circle 5 shelf lazy susans-18" shelf set, 5 independently rotating shelves in white or almond with hardware and telescoping shaft.

    Starting at: From $250.99