Specialty Organization

  1. Includes one cloth ironing board cover

    Starting at: From $17.99

  2. Fit the lattice and wine glass molding to an existing cabinet for wine storage like this
    Wine Lattice
    6 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $69.99

  3. Ironing Board in a Drawer
    Ironing Board in a Drawer
    21 Review(s)
    Unfolds and pops-up a full ironing board just by opening the drawer.
  4. Sleeve Ironing Board, 16-1/2" x 4"

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $19.99

  5. Premium Iron-A-Way® Ironing Board w/Swivel

    Starting at: From $849.99

  6. Hide away unit comes with ironing board cover and pad, and choice of three door styles, or with no door

    Starting at: From $389.99

  7. Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism
    Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism, 30-35-lb. Capacity
    65 Review(s)
    Add versatility and convenience to your sewing machine table or cabinet.
    Out of stock
  8. Available without door, or with a maple, oak, or birch door

    Starting at: From $799.99

  9. Hide-away ironing board is loaded with features, including a handy electrical outlet with on/off switch, storage shelves for iron and other items, a clothes hook, choice of three door styles and more

    Starting at: From $799.99