The Trim Router's Top Ten Best and Most Versatile Workshop Uses
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Trim router The trim router is a tool that might not get much use in some shops, but it is unique and surprisingly versatile tool.

It’s a sweet thing indeed when you get more than what you bargained for in a tool. Trim routers are a good example. They’re lightweight, surprisingly powerful and small enough to go places other bulky routers can’t. If you only use yours for trimming plastic laminate, think again. Here are 10 ways to get that half-pint router out of the cobwebs and into the action much more often.

Duplicating Parts
Cutting Hinge Mortises
Profiling Edges
Cleaning Veneer
Trimming Shelf Lipping
Flush Cutting Plugs
Cutting Joinery
Hole Drilling
Mortising Inlays

posted on December 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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