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4 Fun Food-Related Woodworking Kits
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It's always satisfying to make something in the shop that you can regularly use in your daily life. Even more satifying when it's something that helps you make a great meal or dessert! Here are four food-related project kits that you'll definitely be able to put to good use at your house. And why not make several? These everyday items make really special gifts for family and friends.

Make your own deluxe dessert disher with this beautiful stainless steel Ice Cream Scoop and ferrule. Use your imagination and get completely creative with the handle - it can be whatever you want it to be!

Whether you choose sawn handles or turned handles, you can make this 16-piece Barbeque Set all your own! Grill kit comes with free downloadable plan to get you started on creating your own custom handles.

Sawn handle

Turned handles

Formed and fitted natural handle
Our newest kitchen-utensil kit is a Pizza Cutter! Use it all year 'round to show your style. Everyone likes pizza - make a bunch and give them to everyone for holiday gifts! So many options...

Love to go out and get a latte at the gourmet coffee shop every morning? Well that disposable cup you buy it in ends up as one of an estimated 14.4 billion cups in landfills in America every year!* Go green and bring your 16-ounce Travel Tumbler with you to your java shop of choice. You'll be stylish and doing your part to save the planet!

Each of these kits includes the hardware you'll need, but be sure to also browse our complete lines of Lumber or Turning Stock to choose the perfect wood to complete your project.

We'd love to see what you make! Submit your finished project to our Customer Project Gallery and you can show it off to the world. Create with Confidence!

*Data according to CarbonRally.com

posted on July 20, 2010 by Kim Adams
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10 thoughts on “4 Fun Food-Related Woodworking Kits”

  • Deanna

    Hey! Thats a really cool new pizza cutter! I can't wait to pick one up at a store sometime. In that fancy graphic you have for the ice cream scoop, you show an acrylic handle. I wanted to make some acrylic handled ice-cream scoops, but I realized the blanks that you guys sell at the store are too small for the ferrule. Please let me know which blank you guys used to make that acrylic-handled, and what other colors you have.

  • Kim Adams

    Hey Deanna--
    Sadly, that acrylic handle was a one-off piece made from a sample scrap, and the only acrylic blanks we're carrying at present are pen blank size. Let us see what you come up with for the pizza cutter!

  • Deanna

    I was really excited about having an ice cream scoop and pizza cutter that I wouldn't have to worry about the kids or husband throwing in the dishwasher. Since I know you guys love Innovation, why don't you add some to your product line? Here's a tip: don't use that "inlace" brand. Just about every one of the members of my turning club have sworn those off all together. Let me know what the stock numbers are when they're done!

  • Kim Adams

    Deanna - I've shared your thoughts and comments with the merchandising team. (That is a really good point about being able to throw it in the dishwasher!) We'll be sure to keep you posted!

  • Joe Guraro

    Yep , you hit home when you talk about saw dust every were ,on my socks ,in my pockets ears,nose ,cell phone ,favorite chair in the front room ,I leave saw dust trails every were I go ,Could not pull off a crime saw dust wood point right to me.

  • Roger Feeley

    I am interested in the pizza cutter for gifts but the idea of running a threaded insert into end grain just sounds weak. We all learned not to screw anything into end grain.

    Also, it seems to me that when the user bears down to cut a tough crust, the thing could be unstable if the cutter slipped and the thread unthreaded. You could wind up with your knuckles in the sauce. I see no problem if you hold the cutter with the handle vertically like you were stabbing something. The problem would be if you hold the cutter with the handle horizontally like you would a meat cleaver.

    How big a deal would it be to remove the 5/16" threaded rod and put in a longer rod that would go all the way through the handle and then make a brass finial at the other end. The handle would still be removable, the instability might be reduced and there would be no threaded insert to come loose.

  • Rockler Blog Team
    Rockler Blog Team December 9, 2010 at 5:32 am

    Thanks for the comment, Roger. You're right about screwing into end grain, but since the threaded insert has a wider diameter and coarser threads than a typical screw, it's appropriate for this application. It's been tested and has worked fine for us. The threaded stud is not removable from the cutter, but your idea is interesting. We'll pitch it to the Product Development Team.

  • Dennis Keating
    Dennis Keating May 24, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Do you still sell the 16 piece bbq set? I didn't see it offered on your website.

  • Nick

    I too am curious if there is a way to get the 16 piece bbq tool set. I made some of these years ago and they were a huge hit. Please advise. Thanks,

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