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A Couple Cool Sites Featuring Whittled Wood Whimseys
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Just for fun this holiday weekend, here are a couple really cool sites that feature "whittled whimseys," woodcarver's puzzles that boggle the brain. (My brain, anyway!) Enjoy!

Little Shavers
Whittled Whimseys

Viking Carving
Ball in Cage

Do you carve wood whimseys? Leave a comment below, with a link to your piece if you've got one!

posted on May 22, 2009 by Kim Adams
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One thought on “A Couple Cool Sites Featuring Whittled Wood Whimseys”

  • PR Drumm

    Pictures and text in this website clearly show how to whittle chains, pliers, scissors, ball-in-cages, toggles of all kinds, and movable whimseys, with offer to add any other whittlers' uniquer creations for worldwide admiration...

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