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A New Low-Profile Soft Close System from Blum
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Here’s yet another reason to use Blum European hinges: a new soft close system that installs in seconds and is virtually invisible.

In case you haven’t heard, the Blumotion system has been around for years, sparing the savvy cabinet owner from the typical self-losing hinge slam-bang scenario and the unnerving sound of an over-zealously closed drawer rebounding off of a cabinet front. The Blumotion’s unique system senses the amount of force applied to the door or drawer and adjusts its speed dampening resistance accordingly. The Blumotion for Tandem Drawer Slides, for example, takes affect when the drawer is 2’’ from the cabinet front and gently eases it closed. The contents of the drawer, the drawer itself and your nerves stay calm and intact.

The recently introduced Blumotion for Doors model 973A improves on the original system by making cabinet door soft-close practically effortless to install, and so well integrated into the hinge itself that you’ll hardly know it’s there.  The mechanism simply clips on to any 120 degree opening Blum Clip Top Hinge and silently works its magic from the hinge side, instead of protruding from the handle-side cabinet wall like its predecessor.

For hinges that won’t fit the 973A, there’s a “Compact” version. The Blumotion Compact is essentially the same technology, but attaches with a special bracket to the hinge side wall of the cabinet. It’s a great retrofit for cabinets with any other type of self closing hinge. It will also come in handy for 170 degree hinges and other specialty applications where an incompatible Blum Clip Top Hinge is used. Both the 973A and Compact system also add an overload safety feature that protects the mechanism from accidental damage, and like all of Blum’s meticulously designed products, are built to last a lifetime.

posted on April 6, 2007 by Rockler
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6 thoughts on “A New Low-Profile Soft Close System from Blum”

  • Jamie

    On a typical kitchen cabinet door (2 hinges), can you get away with one per door, or do you have to have one per hinge?<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Jamie

  • Blog Editor

    Thanks for the question. Blum recommends one 973A per hinge for normal sized doors for "perfect motion". For smaller and lighter doors, the number can be "reduced accordingly". <br /><br />So, there's a degree of personal preference involved. Depending on the size of the doors and the kind of use they get, you could try just one, and add another one if you'd prefer smoother action.<br />

  • will this product work with the blum face frame hinges?<br /><br />thank-you<br />todd

  • Blog Editor

    Yes, that's a Blum Clip Top face frame hinge in the photo above, in fact. The Compact Blumotion(the self contained unit)is for use with any other self closing hinge, and so will work with other Blum face frame hinges.

  • edbreyer

    When installing the Compact Blumotion, is pre-drilling for the 1 1/4" screw required/recommended?

  • Blog Editor

    Thanks for the question. Pre-drilling is almost always preferable - especially in split-prone woods.

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