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A Simple Solution for Sticky Drawers
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Sli it sliding compound for drawers and cabinets.

Steve in our Technical Support Department asked me to pass on this easy-to-overlook solution for stuck drawers on older furniture and cabinets:

We've had a few inquiries from customers over the last few weeks wanting to add drawer slides to existing wood drawers. Unfortunately,  slides often can’t be added to existing drawers because the drawers and drawer openings weren't built to accommodate slides -- there is not enough room to add the slides.

If the drawers on a cabinet or piece of furniture are in good shape, but a little hard to open and close, consider using either Slip-It sliding compound or Nylo-Tape, a self adhesive, self lubricating antifriction tape. They’re a simple, economical solution – and a lot easier than building new drawers.


posted on March 16, 2006 by Rockler
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