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Add Spray Paint to Caster Brake Levers for a Little Added Shop Safety
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Brake lever on shop caster with red coloring Coloring on one end of your caster's brake levers gives you a nice clear look at their position without having to bend down.

Most of my larger shop machines are mounted on swivel casters with brakes, but sometimes it’s hard to see which end of the brake lever to step on without bending over to look closely. Here’s an easy fix: just spray-paint the “locked” end of the lever red. You’ll never need to stoop over again. Just step on the red ends to set the brakes.

posted on February 1, 2008 by Woodworker's Journal
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One thought on “Add Spray Paint to Caster Brake Levers for a Little Added Shop Safety”

  • Gary Tustison

    I have a single caster similar to the workbench caster kit on my planer. Rather than a vertical plate for fastening it has two horizontal plates that slide over a horizontal tube at the bottom of the planer. the opposite side has two rigid roller that stay on the machine. I thought i saw you offered such a caster lift part, but now I cannot find it.
    Any suggestions?

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