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Advanced Dust Collection with the JDS Automated Blast Gate System
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Here's a typical scenario:  You walk up to your table saw, set the fence to make the last couple of cuts for a project you've just about finished putting together, fire up your trusty Powermatic Model 66, and... Wait - something's missing. Oh yeah, the dust collector. The dust collector's waaaaay over there in the corner, and it isn't turned on.

What would you do at this juncture?  Stop what you're doing and walk over to turn on your dust collection system?  That's conscientious of you. Many of us would just keep right on working.  After all, it's just a couple of cuts; we'd remember next time.

More and more, woodworkers are taking dust collection seriously, and dust collection systems are becoming rule rather than the exception in woodshops everywhere.  That's a good sign, but dust collection has a human component, too: You have to remember to turn the system on when you need it. Sanding and sawing away while your expensive dust collector sits silently in the corner of your shop is not an example effective dust control. And frequently having to stop work to stomp grumpily over and switch on your dust collector isn't a very attractive alternative.

Fortunately, there's a solution: the JDS Automated Blast Gate System.  The JDS blast gate system transforms every blast gate in your dust collection system into a switch that turns on your dust collector. The low voltage switches attached to each blast gate activate your central dust collection system when you open the gate and turn it off when you close the gate, making it easy and convenient to turn your dust collection system on just when you need it, and off when you're done.  The JDS system is easy to install, affordable to set up, affordable to expand, and it puts the dust collection switch right where you need it to be - at the machine you're about to use.

posted on October 18, 2006 by Rockler
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4 thoughts on “Advanced Dust Collection with the JDS Automated Blast Gate System”

  • Jacque Jecker
    Jacque Jecker May 25, 2007 at 5:29 am

    I don't know if JDS offers this option, I have not researched it. But, a simpler option is a remote control. Much less expensive and easier to install. No expensive blast gates or wires. I have the remote control, much like the one you probably use for your car, clipped to the zipper tab on my woodworking smock. I just open the blast gate, click the button on the remote and start making dust, or chips, as the case may be.

  • Blog Editor

    Jacque, thanks for the comment - sorry for the slow reply. The JDS system doesn't offer a remote control. Its main advantage is that it affordably makes opening the correct blast gate and turning on the dust collector one convenient process. <br /><br />A dust collector remote control is another way to go - anything that prevents having to stop what you're doing, or getting ready to do, and walk over to turn the dust collector on is a good thing. And as you implied, the remote control option doesn't add significantly to the cost of the dust collector. So it's a good value. Thanks for pointing out the option.

  • William Crown
    William Crown May 16, 2014 at 5:45 am

    Love this product from JDS. Used it for about 8 years and it has worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, JDS no longer offers it (called them to confirm 5/2014) as I wanted a couple more switch gates. They redirected me to Penn State Industries for their "Long Ranger" gate system, which is essentially the same product. fyi.

  • FRT

    I bought 6 of them and all but 5 have failed. The weak switches DO NOT hold up under normal shop use. The tiny screws that fasten the switches to the gates have all fallen out one by one and I'm afraid of using the last one! DO NOT BUY this product.

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