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Advanced Pen Turning: New Laser-Cut Inlay Kits Make You a Star Turner!
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Update: Congratulations to our giveaway winner, Tim Spaulding, who has won his choice of one of the new pen kits! Please be sure to check out Tim's website Maggie Lake Woodworks where he's got some fantastic pieces for sale. Thanks for posting on your blog, Tim, and for being a Buzz Saw reader! (The first ten people who posted also win a small prize! We'll contact you individually for details).

We've just brought in an exciting new line for pen turners — Laser-Cut Inlay Pen Kits! There are certain people who can do this kind of awesomeness (yes, that is a word - Marc Spagnuolo said so today on Twitter!) on their own (Keith from Syzygy comes to mind), but for the majority of us who can't, these unique kits are the answer to making gorgeous inlaid pens. The kits come directly from the original creator so you are assured of top quality. Imagine the oohs and aahs when the holiday or birthday gifts are opened, and your beautiful inlaid turned pen is pulled out of the wrapping paper!

Jim Carroll, Category Manager for Turning at Rockler, talks about the new line: ''You'll notice that we have kept our offering to a minimum and also only offer them for the Sierra kits. I chose these [nine kits] for three reasons, one being there is only one barrel to turn, the level of detail is reasonable, and finally the shape of the Sierra kits is complemented quite nicely by the laser cut blanks.'' Kokopelli pen kitDon't think, though, that the inlaid kits are something you should attempt if you are new to woodturning. Jim cautions, ''Be aware that these kits do take an additional amount of time to 'create'. I would caution a beginning turner to look to a standard blank and become proficient on turning solid woods and acrylics before ever attempting these kits.'' His tips for mastering the inlaid kits: ''You will need to continually keep a sharp edge on your tools to avoid tearout/breakage. Turn with a 'light hand.' Also keep in mind that you will use a considerable amount of CA glue in assembling and finishing these high quality kits. With proper attention to detail you will create turnings that will simply amaze most people that will pick them up to look at them. Good luck and happy turning!'' There are nine different kits available, and even different levels of difficulty among those kits. Try them out and show off your results on our new Customer Gallery!

"Win an inlay pen kit" contest: Post about our new inlay pen kits in your blog, or your Squidoo lens, etc. (not Twitter - has to be a blog or other website) with a link back to this post. ( ) Then come back here and tell us (in the comments below) where you posted. You'll be entered into a drawing to win your choice of these kits! The first ten to enter will win a small prize, as well as being entered for the giveaway drawing. Drawing will be held Friday, August 21, 2009, so go out there and post about these great inlaid pen kits now!

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