Affordable Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun
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Spraying finish is by far the quickest method for applying finish, and often yields the best results.  If you've been wanting to move beyond your brush-and-can technique, here's an opportunity to do just that at an affordable price.  This new gravity feed HVLP spray gun from Rockler will get you spraying finishes for around $75.

HVLP means high volume (of air) and low (air) pressure.  Without getting too technical, that translates into greatly reduced over-spray for HVLP guns over standard guns, without sacrificing the atomization necessary to achieve a good finish. Many wood finishers - especially those who have a need to change finishes often - prefer gravity feed guns because they're a snap to clean compared to siphon guns, pressure pot systems and airless sprayers.

The gun comes with a locking regulator and a 1.4mm needle/nozzle set - an "all-around" size recommended for base coats and clear finishes.  The optional disposable in-line air filters keep the moisture and gunk out of the air moving through the gun, and are more than worth the couple of extra bucks, as are the the optional mesh feed filters and gun stand.  All-in-all, this HVLP gun is an excellent introduction, for even the most modest woodworking budget, to the world of spray finishing.

posted on September 13, 2006 by Rockler
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