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Using Airbrush and Touch-up Spray Guns to Finish Small Projects
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Q: I’ve been building high quality jewelry boxes out of exotic woods and finishing them with aerosol lacquer from a can. I’m considering moving up to a spray gun for top-coating larger furniture. While having some car repair work done, I noticed them using an airbrush with amazing results. Do you know of airbrushes that would work for spraying lacquer on wood furniture? Space is an issue, which is why I like the airbrush idea, if it works.

Touch-up and airbrush guns As far as alternative spray finishing, a touch-up gun's broad fan width makes it perfect for small projects and rates higher than airbrushes.

A: Airbrushes will certainly spray lacquer. All you need to do is thin the lacquer enough for the particular air brush you choose. However, a true air brush applies finish slowly and in a very small pattern, usually smaller than an inch across.

I think a better choice would be what is called a touchup gun. These typically generate fan widths from four to six inches, just the right size for spraying boxes and fast enough to leave your aerosol cans in the dust. They create very little overspray when adjusted correctly, and they have such a low air-volume draw that even the smallest shop compressor will have no trouble feeding them the required amount of compressed air.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Michael Dresdner
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