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Ali Industries Gator Ultra Power Black Zirconium Sandpaper with No-Load Coating
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Ali Industries’ Gator Ultra Power Sandpaper with Black Zirconium Ali Industries' Ultra Power sandpaper uses zirconium and heavy duty paper for powerful abrasive, longer lasting sandpaper discs and sheets.

As for upgrading your sandpaper, the Gator Ultra Power Premium Series with Black Zirconium, from Ali Industries, uses the same zirconium oxide that is known at the jewelry store as cubic zirconium — almost a diamond. It makes these sandpapers, designed for use on power sanders, sharper and harder than aluminum oxide grits, to cut faster and hold the cutting edge longer. They’re also constructed with heavyweight paper for discs and sheets, heavy-duty cloth for the belts, and top-of-the-line phenolic resins as the glues. A special no-load coating on the discs and sheets reduces material loading so you don’t have to change paper as often. The Ultra Power series comes in various configurations; pricing on packs for 5" random-orbit sanders, for example, starts at a four-pack for $4.99.

posted on April 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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