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Amana Tools 658060 Prestige Dado Blade Set Has Solid Chipping Blade Power
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Amana Prestige Dado Blade Kit 2011 Street price: $199.95
Chippers: 6 (1/16", four 1/8", 3/32")
Maximum cutting width: 29/32"
Outer blades: 24-tooth
Chipper style: Four-wing
Carbide: C4; Hook angle: -10°

Amana’s 24-tooth dado provides solid features: it comes with six chippers, including a 3/32" size that makes it easier to adjust for cutting undersized 15/32" or 23/32" plywoods. Color-coded shims allow for even more cutting width micro-adjustment. Negative 10° hook angles on the blade teeth (the teeth tip back 10° from an imaginary line extending from the center of the arbor hole out to the tooth faces) allow it to cut less aggressively than positive hook blades, which purportedly extends carbide life and leaves cleaner cuts. Amana also provides a sturdy plastic carry case — a must for dado blades, because most of us store them more often than our standard saw blades. In testing, this blade sliced across delicate oak veneer with no splintering, and it did nearly as well on cedar. There were only a few chipouts on melamine, and I could find just a hint of blade tracks in the bottoms of wide maple dadoes. Anti-kickback humps behind the teeth also make it less likely to invite kickback, because they limit each tooth’s “bite” and prevent overfeeding. Here’s a fine blade for a competitive price.

posted on August 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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