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Amana AGE Saw Blades Make Crosscuts and ArmorMAX Coating Prevents Rust
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Amana Saw Blades Amana's A.G.E. Blade Line comes in eight different varieties, covering most shop need and all featuring the ArmorMax coating.

Amana Tool’s expanded A.G.E line of German-made blades, introduced in the fall of 2010, features the company’s “ArmorMAX” formulation of PTFE coatings (polytetrafluoroethylene, for those who like big words) for a smooth, nonstick surface. PTFE coatings are seeing increased use in the woodworking world; their low friction characteristics make for smoother cutting, help prevent rust and allow for easier removal of pitch and other deposits. Amana notes that the laser-cut blade construction helps reduce vibration and noise.

Amana Saw Blade Amana's A.G.E. Saw Blades are coated with ArmorMax non-stick coating, which makes removing pitch easier than most other blades.

There are eight blades in the line: a 10" 50-tooth combination blade in both regular and thin-kerf versions, 10" 50-tooth cutoff/crosscut blade, 10" 60-tooth plywood/laminate blade, 10" 60-tooth thin-kerf miter saw blade and a 12" 96-tooth blade made especially for use in large sliding compound miter saws. Rounding out the line are two fine-cut crosscut/cutoffs in the A.G.E. “Finito” series, featuring a 10" 80-tooth and a 12" 96-tooth blade.

2011 prices for the regular A.G.E. ArmorMAX blades start at around $60, while the Finito blades start at about $72.

posted on April 1, 2011 by AJ Hamler
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