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Amana E-Z Change Router Bits Have Removable Carbide Tipped Bit Heads
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Amana’s E-Z Change Router Bits Amana's E-Z Change router bits allow you to change the heads on a single bit for improved performance.

Amana’s E-Z Change replaceable head router bits let you swap out a cutting head without changing an entire router bit or sharpening the cutting edges. The disposable carbide-tipped cutters are mounted on alloy steel arbors and come in plunging/template, flushtrim, dado cleanout, bevel and no-file profiles. Each contains a shank body, carbide-tipped cutter and a bearing. (Replacement parts are also available for each profile.) The E-Change profiles offer woodworkers a less expensive option for router bits, with prices in 2010 starting at $18.75 for the template profile.

posted on December 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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