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An Affordable Router Table that Comes With Everything - Including a Router
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If you’ve been pricing router tables, you’ve probably noticed that the tabletop itself is just the tip of the iceberg. The real expense is in all the stuff that goes along with the basic piece of equipment: You need a router, of course, and unless it’s included, a set of legs or a cabinet to set your new table on. On top of that, you’ll be looking at a number of router table “accessories” that really should be classed as necessities. A safety switch is a good example. Apart from giving a way to quickly shut down the power if something goes awry, a conveniently located on/off switch offers the appreciable comfort of not having to fumble around under the table every time you want to make a cut.

And there are other convenience and safety items to consider. The value of a bit guard goes without saying. And it’s hard to get by without a couple of featherboards - to help prevent kickback, and just as importantly, to keep the stock flat on the table and up tight against the fence while you run it through. And let's not forget about the dust. Routers excel at cranking out debris, and if you own a dust collector or a shop vac, you’ll want to hook it up to a router table dust port right away.

Start adding it up and it’s easy to get discouraged. $1000 for a set-up built component by component isn’t at all uncommon. But there are ways to take some of the bite out of the cost. You’ll almost always save money buying all or some of the necessary equipment in together in a router table package. And occasionally, you’ll run across a package deal that just plain hard to pass up. How does $300 for everything sound, for instance? Right now, just what you get with Rockler’s limited-time offer of a complete router table package and free Porter Cable 690 LR router.

For a weekend woodworker on a budget, it’s an excellent opportunity to enter the world of table routing. The package comes with virtually everything you need (except the router bits) including all of the basics: the 1-1/8 thick, melamine surfaced tabletop that’s been a top seller at Rockler for years, a no-sag ¼’’ aluminum router plate, a reliably straight aluminum fence with T-slotted MDF fence facings, and a set of steel legs with leveler feet. You also get a few key amenities: three featherboards designed for use with the system, a bit guard, safety switch, a fence stop block, and an integrated dust port.

When you add in the 1-3/4 HP Porter Cable 690LR Router – which comes with the handy lever-release base in this offer – you end up with a router table that will reliably and efficiently do everything most hobbyists will ever need it to, all in one convenient, exceptionally affordable package. If you’ve been holding off getting a router table because of the expense, this may be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

posted on August 30, 2007 by Rockler
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