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What Safety Measures Are Companies Like Freud Taking for Kickback on Small-Sized Router Bits
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Q: Is the anti-kickback feature of router bits only important for large bits over 1-1⁄2" in diameter and less of a factor for smaller bits?

Kickback prevention in Freud router bit Companies like Freud realize that kickback can occur in bits of any size, and have begun incorporating anti-kickback safety features in their smaller bits.

A: At Freud, we are convinced that kickback-reducing router bit design is a critical safety feature. The concept of our design is fairly straightforward: the body of the bit restricts the “bite” of the cutting edge to 1.1mm per revolution. Although no design can completely eliminate the chance of kickback, our design dramatically reduces the possibility and the effects of such an occurrence. The importance of kickback-reducing design may be greater with large-diameter bits, but it is possible for dangerous kickback to occur even with relatively small diameter bits. Therefore, Freud incorporates this feature whenever the bit diameter allows, in many cases including bits with diameters as small as 5/8".

posted on December 1, 2009 by Ciff Paddock
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