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Applause for Incra
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If you're not familiar with the word "Incra," it's one of the most trusted names in precision positioning jigs, miter gauges and sleds and fence systems.  Their patented incremental positioning systems make everything from cutting dovetails to crosscutting on a table saw about as easy and error free as it gets.

Each and every Incra tool is designed to meet two simple and powerful criteria - accuracy and repeatability.  Chris Taylor, inventor of the renowned Incra Jig, admits to being "fascinated with accuracy," and it's no big surprise to find one other area where Taylor Design Group, Chris' company, really shines - measuring, marking and layout tools.  Here's a customer review of the Incra Precision T - Rule from Michael in Houston, TX that sums up how this group of Incra tools has been received:

"I have the 6" version and could not imagine getting along without it. Layout is so much easier... everything from mortises to pulls. Accurate to 1/64, this little rule has saved me a lot of setup time because I have found that my test cuts end up being right on target..."

(From Michael in Houston, TX)

The incra line of measuring and marking tools are all of the things you'd expect from equipment designed for precision layout work - they're accurate, easy to use and readable.  But the real innovation is the sure-fire marking repeatability Incra measuring tools give you.  Incra measuring tools have micro-fine positioning holes and slots that make sure that the mark is as accurate as the measurement.  Sound Simple? It is. But for anyone who wants a tool that lets them mark off dead-on accurate measurements time after time, without fail, it's one of those simple ideas that really work.

posted on August 4, 2006 by Rockler
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