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How to Attach Shop-Made Featherboards Conventionally and with Magnets
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Aftermarket featherboard attachment For attaching your featherboard to the saw, router or jointer tables, there are several aftermarket attachments for bought or shop-made featherboards.

There’s nothing wrong with making your own featherboards from scrap. The challenge is figuring out how to mount them securely to your machine surfaces or router table. Here are two alternatives: Rockler sells a Miter Slot Hardware Kit for $6.99. You get two expanding bars, bolts and star knobs to install featherboards the conventional way. Another solution is Magswitch’s MagJigs. They’re self-contained 20mm or 30mm magnets ($26 to $38 each) with a mounting bracket and knob that turns the magnet on and off. Attach them to featherboards when needed and then swap them over to any other table-mounted jig you make.

posted on October 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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