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Attaching a Small Tabletop with Shelf Pins and Support Clips
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Attaching a tabletop with shelving screws and supports Simple shelving screws and supports actually make a solid base for a tabletop onto an apron.

Here’s a quick and easy way to mount small tabletops to an apron base. I use several metal shelf pins with a stud on one end and a flat support on the other end. To install these “clips,” drill a 1/4"-diameter hole for the stud near the top edge of the apron so the flat lip will rest against the tabletop. I position two or three clips along the aprons that follow the long grain of the tabletop and one on each of the other two aprons, centered in the middle. Leave the long-grain clips about 1/8" shy of seating all the way in their holes to allow for wood movement. Fasten the clips to the underside of the tabletop with screws.

posted on December 1, 2007 by Matt Hocking
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One thought on “Attaching a Small Tabletop with Shelf Pins and Support Clips”

  • R Douglas Bliven

    Tried to buy 1/4" shelf(L type brass) supports from Amazon and got 6 mm supports which do not fit in the 1/4' hole. If I order these how can I be sure that they are actually 1/4' and not 6 mm ?????

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